Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Jesus Cries

March 17

Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and they wanted to stone him. Did he respond with anger, wanting to seek revenge? No - he called them his lost children that he longed to gather.

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Jesus Was Tempted

March 10

Just prior to his public ministry, Jesus when he spent forty days in the wilderness. The Scriptures tell about how he was tempted by the devil.

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Unveiled Boldness

March 3

Today's Gospel text about the transfiguration of Jesus is contrasted to the account of Moses' veiling in the Old Testament text in today's Pauline epistle. Yes, Scripture interprets Scripture.

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Love your Enemies

February 24

We continue this Sunday with the Sermon on the Plain and hear Jesus preach on some of the messages that were central to his ministry: Love your enemies, be merciful, do not judge, and give generously.

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Blessings and Woes

February 17

In the Gospel of Matthew we hear Jesus preach the Sermon on the Mount. Luke chose to record a different sermon: one preached on a level place. Those familiar with the more famous sermon will notice some common themes, but also some notable differences.

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Holy Holy Holy

February 10

In this Sunday's Old Testament passage Isaiah recounts the story of his call to ministry. In his brief account we can discern the rudimentary framework of a worship service.

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A Prophet in his Hometown

February 3

"Isn't this Joseph's son?" the people asked when they heard Jesus preaching in the synagogue. Jesus observed that prophets are not accepted in their hometowns. Then he gave a couple examples. That's when the people really turned on him ...

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On Being a Body Part

January 27

The secret to being the church is found in Paul's famous explanation to the Corinthians that every one of us is part of Christ's body. That means we're all important.

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