Fifth Sunday of Easter/Confirmation-Led

May 19

Student Preachers: Amy Schaefer and Kayla Vitabile Our confirmation class of 2019 leads the congregation in worship at both services. The Scriptures for the day include Jesus' "new" commandment to the disciples to love one another.

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Tabitha, Get Up!

May 12

We know Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. We know Jesus himself rose from the dead on Easter. But did you know that when Peter prayed for a dead seamstress named "Gazelle," she also was resurrected? What does this story mean for us today?

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Feed My Sheep

May 5

Judas betrayed Jesus. But Peter betrayed him, too, but we prefer to say he "denied" him. Have you ever betrayed Jesus? Have you denied him? Peter got a second chance, though, when the resurrected Jesus came to him and asked him to do something.

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Thomas Believes

April 28

Poor Thomas missed out on seeing the risen Christ when the others did and to him their story just seemed too good to be true. Then he had an encounter with Jesus and came to believe. Do you think Jesus' resurrection is too good to be true or do you believe? How did you come to believe?

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Raised from the Dead

April 21

Near the end of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians he gets philosophical: if the Christian's hope in Christ is no more than a mindset that helps us in this life, we are pitiful people. Paul says the Christian faith is just a house of cards ready to tumble if it is not true. But thank God it is true: Christ rose from the dead!

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Open the Gate of Righteousness

April 14

On Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, parts of Psalm 118 are always read in worship. This is a particularly exuberant psalm in which the writer gives thanks to God for a marvelous way in which God saved him. This Sunday, as a way of looking at the whole Palm Sunday narrative, we will reflect on what it might mean to "open the gates of righteousness."

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See. I Am Doing a New Thing

April 7

The Lord speaks through the prophet Isaiah that he is doing something new. This morning we will hear from several voices about new things God is doing through Mission Trip Birdsboro.

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Welcoming Sinners

March 31

Jesus was never far from whispers of disapproval and murmurs of judgment. One of the ways he responded to this was to tell stories. The story of the Prodigal Son is one of the best.

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