Honoring our Veterans

November 11

This Sunday will mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day in which the peace treaty ending the Great War (now known as World War I) was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. Ken Biles will be our guest preacher and during the service we will recognize members of St. Paul's who have served in the armed forces. We invite veterans to wear their uniforms or an insignia representing their service.

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Your People will be my People

November 4

Ruth the Moabite woman had a hard decision to make when her Hebrew husband died. Should she go back to her own people or cast her lot with her husband's mother, Naomi? She understood that family was more than heredity-it had to do with love, so she chose to stay with Naomi.

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I Want to See!

October 28

Blind Bartimaeus heard that Jesus and his disciples were about to pass by as they left Jericho, so he began to call out to him. People tried to hush him, but Bartimaeus knew Jesus could give him what he needed. On Reformation Sunday we remember that Jesus is the one we need to seek if we want to see.

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A Peculiar People

October 21

Jesus saw a conflict brewing among the disciples and he told them that the way they acted should not be like what they saw in the world; they should be different. When the church looks just like the world, you might say the salt has lost its saltiness.

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If You Wanna Get to Heaven

October 14

A rich young ruler approached Jesus one day asking what he needed to do to gain eternal life. When Jesus mentioned keeping God's commands the man felt confident he had already done that. But then Jesus asked him to do one thing more that caused the man to leave with a very different attitude.

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Brothers and Sisters in Christ

October 7

As we read the Epistle of James in September we kept referring to him as "Brother James", both because he was the brother of Jesus, and because he is our older brother in the faith. On World Communion Sunday, as we talk about our unity with our brothers and sisters in the faith around the world, we hear the writer to the Hebrews tell us that Jesus was not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters and we read in Mark that the Kingdom of God belongs to children.

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James says: Pray!

September 30

We finish this sermon series on the practical theology of James with James' reminder to pray in all situations: when we're in trouble, when we're happy, and when we're sick.

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James says: Resist the Devil

September 23

Good and Evil: it is the eternal struggle and we are in no way immune to it. But James has simple and practical advice to help us become victorious in the battle.

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