James says: Resist the Devil

September 23

Good and Evil: it is the eternal struggle and we are in no way immune to it. But James has simple and practical advice to help us become victorious in the battle.

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James says: Hold Your Tongue

September 16

In today's message, James talks about the challenge of taming the tongue.

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James says: Dont Play Favorites

September 9

We continue in James' letter for practical Christianity as he teaches against favoritism and challenges his readers to show their faith by their actions.

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Listen to the Word and Do What it Says

September 2

Pastor Steven has planned sermon series from the Epistle of James for five Sundays of September. The first in the series will be preached by our own Mahlon Boyer at the final 9:30 service of the summer and the final service in Fellowship Hall.

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August 26

Re-Creation provides more than 300 shows annually in all 50 states. The group has performed for the President of the United States, as well as other leaders and dignitaries. THE SACRED PROGRAM is designed as a worship service and features both traditional and contemporary styles, sing-a-long hymns and children's songs, dramatic works and original music.

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Jesus is the Bread of Life, part 3

August 19

Is there more to this bread of life thing? Yes there is. And the church leaders who developed the revised common lectionary we use saw the wisdom in consuming Jesus' teaching on the topic (pardon the pun) in small bites.

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Jesus is the Bread of Life, part 2

August 12

We will begin where we ended last Sunday, with Jesus declaring that he is the bread of life. After ruminating on this great truth for a week, are we ready to share in the Body of Christ at his table? His original hearers were not - the Gospel tells us they grumbled.

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Jesus is the Bread of Life, part 1

August 5

In the Gospel of John we see a series of signs from Jesus, and then we hear Jesus speak about those signs on a deeper level than what many could comprehend. Jesus fed 5000. Great-he can fill a lot of bellies. But in today's passage he says he is the bread of life. We're going to need more time to chew on that.

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