A Whole New World

November 17

Isaiah's prophetic ministry spanned several decades. He spoke warnings to people who had forgotten the Lord and later spoke comfort to those who felt the Lord had in turn forgotten them. In the final chapter of his book, he speaks words of great hope and promise from God.

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I Will Shake the Heavens

November 10

The temple was in shambles. The fields had been neglected. The returning Jews must have felt like they had returned to a ghost town. But God sent a clear message of hope through a prophet with the name Haggai to the governor, the high priest, and the remnant of the people.

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Zacchaeus, Come Down!

November 3

On All Saints Sunday we remember those who have departed this world to go to the next. We also remember a tax collector named Zacchaeus who tried to "hide in plain sight" when Jesus came to town. He was not successful.

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I Have Fought the Good Fight

October 27

As we come to the final chapter of Paul's second letter to Timothy, we learn that it is his "swan song." He is at the end of his life, ready to go to meet his Maker. What can we learn about living faithfully and ending well from Paul's words?

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God-breathed Words

October 20

As we continue to examine Paul's letter to Timothy we hear Paul speak of the most powerful tool in the Christian's toolbox: the God-breathed Word of God. Today we discover why it is such an all-purpose utility tool for those seeking to live a Christian life.

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We Will Also Live in Him

October 13

As the Apostle Paul continues his letter of encouragement to young Pastor Timothy, he quotes what may be a portion of one of the earliest Christian hymns which tells us that if we have died with Jesus (through baptism) we will also live with him.

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Not Ashamed

October 6

When he wrote his second letter to his protege, Timothy, the Apostle Paul was concerned that Timothy might be ashamed of the fact that Paul, his mentor, was in prison and in turn, might be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul gave Timothy a pep talk, giving him reasons why he should continue in the pattern he had begun, proclaiming Christ, the crucified one. This Sunday we join with Believers around the world in proclaiming Christ faithfully and joining him in his Supper.

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Jeremiah Bought a Field

September 29

Buying a field may not sound like a great act of faith, but in this case it was. It all becomes clear when we know the backstory.

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